Health benefits of Turmeric/Haldi

  Turmeric or haldi is used daily for various food preparations & for various purposes. Right from cold & cough to wound healing to skin health. . But do you know that it has several other health benefits besides these curcumin , a flavonoid found in turmeric exhibits antioxidant effect & anti-inflammatory effect, which in Read more about Health benefits of Turmeric/Haldi[…]

What is ideally a healthy breakfast?

  What is ideally a healthy breakfast? 🤔 Simple, Healthy, Tikaoo . Let me explain in detail . *Simple* bole toh anything like poha, upma, paratha, thepla, oats etc. You don’t have to buy expensive or exotic things to make it Healthy. Just by adding colourful veggies to your preparation can make your breakfast healthy. Read more about What is ideally a healthy breakfast?[…]

How to start a fitness plan post 40

How to start fitness plan🧘 post40 ? The fitness plan consist of covering 2 ✌️criterias 1) Activity🏃🚴⛹🏻‍♀️ 2) Food🥗🍐🍱 Let’s understand how can we cover each criteria efficiently 1) Activity Strategize accomplishing this with these 3 basic steps i) Choose any form of activity that can be continued for long. Since we aim for long Read more about How to start a fitness plan post 40[…]

Why after 40s weight loss is a challenge?

Here are few reasons why weight loss is a challenge after 40s 1) As we age our resting metabolic rate drops, there is reductions in the mass of individual organs/tissues and in tissue-specific organ metabolic rate contribute to a reduction in RMR that in turn promotes changes in body composition favoring increased fat mass and reduced Read more about Why after 40s weight loss is a challenge?[…]

Is it healthy to use microwave for cooking?

  Reasons why microwave is better than other forms of cooking. 1) According to recent researches microwave when used for heating or reheating preserves nutrients, vitamins, minerals. Thereby increasing its availability. . 2)  It cooks food without using much water. It also preserves water soluble vitamins better compared to other forms of cooking. . 3) Read more about Is it healthy to use microwave for cooking?[…]