As per Indian Council of Medical Research – India Diabetes (ICMR INDIAB) study published in 2023, the prevalence of diabetes is 10.1 crores. But the good news is, type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. A significant number of studies indicate that diabetes reversal is achievable with calorie deficit diet or carbohydrate restriction (LC). Also from our practical experience of helping more than 10,000 lives reverse diabetes, we have seen that overall lifestyle changes ( calorie deficit healthy diet, improving sleep cycle, working towards reducing stress levels, exercising regularly) helps in faster & sustainable reversal of diabetes. We will try helping you with diet that will not only control blood sugars but will also be nutritious. But please note that it’s a generalized diabetes diet plan.The portion size & options mentioned taking into consideration most of Indians eating style, comfort foods & their portion sizes. Reversal of diabetes with this diet plan given may or may not be possible since Diabetes diet plan & portion size needs to be customized for its reversal. The reason why we are sharing this plan with you is because it will help you get an idea of your meal plan should look like if you have diabetes or how you can balance your meals & control your blood sugar levels.

Early morning Methi seeds along with water (1 tbsp)

Breakfast : Veg sprouts poha/ Veg curd upma (1bowl)+Tea (1 cup) (without sugar)

Mid morning:- 1 cup curd (low fat, without salt & sugar)

Lunch:- Salad (1 bowl)+Roti (1no)+Sabji (1 bowl)+Dal (1 1/2 bowl)+ Buttermilk (without salt)

Evening snack:- Fruit (1no) + Milk (1 glass)

Dinner :- Soup (1 bowl)+Rice (1 bowl)+Dal (1 1/2 bowl)

Bed time :- 1 cup of milk (low fat, without sugar)

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