Uric acid is a waste product that forms when the body breaks down, purines (found in some foods) acid produced in the body dissolves in the blood and is filtered by kidneys and eventually excreted in urine. But if there is an imbalance between production of uric acid and its elimination, uric acid can accumulate in the body leading to high uric acid levels also known as hyperuricemia. When uric acid levels become too high, it can crystallize and deposit in joints, tissues, and organs, leading to gout or other health issues. It’s important to manage uric acid levels through a combination of home remedies for uric acid (dietary changes), hydration, weight management, and, if necessary, medications prescribed by your doctor.

Here are a few foods that help to lower uric acid in blood

1. Water – Home remedies for uric

When you are dehydrated, the concentration of uric acid levels increases in the blood since they cannot be excreted through urine. Having enough water becomes very important, water requirement should be 40mlx bodyweight (kg). Studies have shown that adequate hydration decreased recurrent gout attacks. (1)

Water - Home remedies for uric acid

2. Cherries – Home remedies for uric acid

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in cherries associated to lower the pain associated with gout. It does not lower the serum uric acid levels, but definitely help in reducing the gout pain due to its anti-inflammatory property (2)

Cherries - Home remedies for uric acid

3. Guava – Home remedies for uric

Vitamin C in guava is known to lower the unique acid in blood by increasing the excretion of uric acid in urine. It can also be antioxidant properties of vitamin C. Studies have shown that individuals with higher vitamin C intake had lower risk of high serum uric acid levels.

Guava - Home remedies for uric acid

3. Curd – Home remedies for uric

Recent studies have shown a positive effect on consumption of dairy and probiotics in lowering serum uric acid levels. A study found having 300g of curd in a day reduced serum uric acid levels. (3)

Curd - Home remedies for uric acid

4. Coffee – Home remedies for uric acid

Studies have shown that 1 cup coffee per day lowers the risk of developing high uric acid levels or gout pain. And around 2-3 cups of coffee consumption showed reduction in serum uric acid levels. (4)

Coffee - Home remedies for uric acid

Bottom line

It is important to note that lifestyle is also a contributing factor for high uric acid levels or gout. Working on your stress levels, sleep pattern and exercise is equally important as working on right diet. Stay tuned to know what should be avoided if you have high uric acid levels.

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