Our journey to indian diabetes pocket guide

“One day or Day 1, you decide”. Yes, it happened on that one day in 2016 when we three decided to quit our monotonous 9-5 job to do what we love the most – FOODUCATING as independent entrepreneurs.

Health Hatch founded in 2016 is a Holistic Wellness Company which focuses on lifestyle change, disease management through diet and most importantly evidence-based approach for establishing dietary guidelines.

In past few years we have worked with Corporate organisations like Aditya Birla Capital, Reliance General Insurance, Times of India, Netcore, DigiChefs, SVC Bank, ABC Consultants, HDFC Bank, RBL Bank, Hiranandani Communities, IIFL, Indiabulls, Trident, ESSAR, Godrej Consoveyo, MSCI, Concentrix, Credit Agricole, Dai-Chi, DCB Bank, Flexibility, SABA Software, Aion, Pantaloon, UltraTech, McLeod’s etc to name a few.

This whole journey has been bewildering for us. Our experience as dietitians and diabetic educators was shocking as well since 70% of our clients came up to us with an extremely high sugar levels and other co-morbidity which made us do our research on diabetes and Indian population.

What gave us a jolt was that India has not just second highest people with diabetics but 1 in every 2 diabetics are unaware of their condition. That’s quite alarming. And for this reason we started

OUR MISSION – TO POSITIVELY IMPACT 1 million people with high blood sugars by 2025

Here we have a FREE PDF GUIDE ON DIABETES MANAGEMENT to help people be more conscious and aware about it and reduce the number of high blood sugar cases less in India, reverse diabetes, kyuki #HumFitTohIndiaFit

To get FREE e-book on Indian Diabetic Guide

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