February 22, 2017

Why Choose Health Hatch

Over Health Apps?
yesinstant response to queries   
yespersonal touch   
yesphysical assessment
yesface-to-face consultation
yesvideo/audio calling   
yesweekly follow-up   
yesweekly communication   
yespersonalized meal plan  
yesscientific evidence based practice
yeswellness awareness programs
Over other Health/Slimming Centers?
yesweekly follow-up   
yesinstant response to queries  
yessustainable results
yestreating medical condition with natural solutions
yespersonalized meal plan
yesscientific evidence based practice
nooopromoting brands 
nooocrash diets 
nooodevices or drugs to get results
nooomisleading or faulty practices 
We basically focus on healthy eating, without depriving your body of essential nutrients, to improve your own health and also the health of your family. 
Over other meal services?
yesHome food
yesCalorie counted  
yesControlled portion size  
yesApproved by Registered Dieticians  
yescustomized meals
yeshealth & tasty   
noooartificial color
noooartificial chemicals
nooorefined sugar or maida
We cater specialized diets like weight loss diet, diabetic diet, cholesterol lowering, gluten free diet, lactose free, etc.