Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

This whole outbreak has made us realize how important it is to have strong immunity. People with compromised immunity are more susceptible to various bacterial and viral infections. So, tody we are sharing few simple tips that will help you boost your immunity naturally. Proteins and Immunity Ideal requirement for proteins is 0.8-1g per Kg Read more about Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally[…]

Super 7 benefits of mango ginger/ambe halad

Ambe halad or mango ginger belongs to the family of curcuma. Most of us generally tend to consume it during winters.Our grandparents always use to emphasize on its intake because they new that it was beneficial for our health. We tend to follow that tradition of having it but are seldom aware about its benefitsThrough Read more about Super 7 benefits of mango ginger/ambe halad[…]

4 Benefits of Turmeric/Haldi you’ve never heard before

We daily use Turmeric or haldi for various food preparations & other purposes.It has several health benefits like cold, cough, wound healing, skin health etc. Turmeric contains a flavonoid “Curcumin”.  It has antioxidant  & anti-inflammatory effect, therefore helps in various conditions.🏃The anti-inflammatory effect helps in reducing inflammatory joint pain/arthritis. ❤️ It reduces fat deposition, triglycerides Read more about 4 Benefits of Turmeric/Haldi you’ve never heard before[…]

Why after 40s weight loss is a challenge?

Here are few reasons why weight loss is a challenge after 40s 1) As we age our resting metabolic rate drops, there is reductions in the mass of individual organs/tissues and in tissue-specific organ metabolic rate contribute to a reduction in RMR that in turn promotes changes in body composition favoring increased fat mass and reduced Read more about Why after 40s weight loss is a challenge?[…]

Is it healthy to use microwave for cooking?

  Reasons why microwave is better than other forms of cooking. 1) According to recent researches microwave when used for heating or reheating preserves nutrients, vitamins, minerals. Thereby increasing its availability. . 2)  It cooks food without using much water. It also preserves water soluble vitamins better compared to other forms of cooking. . 3) Read more about Is it healthy to use microwave for cooking?[…]

Cam I lose weight with Hypothyroidism?

  Yes guys you can lose weight 💪 in Hypothyroidism . Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones to meet the needs of the body. Thyroid hormones regulate our body’s metabolism. So under⬇️production of thyroid hormone reduces body’s metabolism, making you gain weight. . But despite of reduction in Read more about Cam I lose weight with Hypothyroidism?[…]

Which utensils should I use for cooking?

  The utensils used for cooking equally playing an important role in regulating our health along with food & exercise The most common type of utensils used by us are 1) Aluminum 2) Stainless steel 3) Copper 4) Iron 5) Non-stick pan Researches states that cooking in aluminum utensils causes leaching of metal Aluminum into Read more about Which utensils should I use for cooking?[…]