Ambe halad or mango ginger belongs to the family of curcuma. It’s an Indian spice also used in Ayurveda for number of health issues.
The rhizomes of ambe halad looks very similar to ginger but without the pungency, it has the colour and flavour of mango and hence the name mango ginger.
It is very closely related turmeric and have a raw mango flavour
In Indian cooking, it is mostly used to make pickles and chutneys. It was also used in other Asian cuisines as part of their curries or used along stir fried vegetables.
It used both fresh and in it’s dried form.

What are the benefits of Ambe Halad?

Most of us generally tend to consume it during winters.
Our grandparents always use to emphasize on its intake because they new that it was beneficial for our health. We tend to follow that tradition of having it but are seldom aware about its benefits

Skin Health
When it comes to skin health, we all are wise and alert as to what products we use it on our skin to avoid any allergies or itchiness.
What if we tell you ambe halad helps in reducing skin diseases, itching, microbial & fungal infections?
People who are prone to having itchy skin, this superfood is for you!

Menstrual Health
Irregular period is most common issues women are dealing these days. It can be due to various reasons. There are various foods that helps in regularizing menstrual cycle, ambe halad is one of them!

Lipid Profile
A deranged lipid profile is a biggest risk factor for heart diseases. Ambe Halad reduces cholesterol, triglycerides & also prevents clotting, thereby keeping your heart and brain healthy

Digestive Health
It’s true, a good digestive system is a key to happiness. Chronic constipation leads to number of health issues. Because of the laxative effect of ambe halad, it’s a perfect superfood to treat constipation.

Pain Management & Inflammation
Any kind of pain or inflammation in our body is uncomfortable, isn’t it? Be it post workout, menstrual pain or chronic inflammation! Ambe Halad helps in reducing the inflammation.

Anti Cancer
There are several studies expressing the benefits ambe halad Against cancer. Being from the curcuma family, it has potent effect against cancer.

Note:- That all the beneficial effects of Mango ginger is subjective to it being accompanied with Healthy diet and exercise

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