Is air-fryer good for health?

  Using air-fryer is neither good nor bad for health Read more to know more.. . According to researches which compared air-fryer to deep frying, stated that deep frying of the food produced greater amount of oxidised products compared to air-frying. These oxidised products in the body causes various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart problems […]

Anti-acne juice

For pimple ka simple solution … Read more. . Anti- acne juice Ingredients Orange – 3 slices Carrot – 2 small Method:- Grind in the mixer to make its juice . Do not strain the juice. . 1 of the reason for acne is oxidative stress or increased oxidation in the body. The sebum of […]

Salad for weight loss

    Salad? is our secret for weight/fat loss. Read more to know more. . Try including 2 bowls of colourfulveggies? like tomato, all types of bell peppers, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, lettuce etc to get high amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, which will help in weight loss. . Incase if you’re not […]

Fennel Seeds for Irregular Menses/PCOS

Do you like fennel seeds ? Y/N.1tsp of fennel seeds post lunch & 1 tsp post dinner helps in reducing FSH/LH/testosterone thereby helping in regularizing irregular menses. It is also a good source of antioxidant, which reduces oxidative stress found in PCOS. It also helps in reducing #menstrualpain.PCOS/ Irregular menses is generally causes due to […]

Foods to Help Fight Depression

  This #mentalhealthday❤️ @healthhatch pledges to help people with #dépression fight naturally.. . Foods like Milk, papaya, sweet potato , spinach, dudhi /bottle gourd are a good source of tryptophan (a type of amino acid) which in the body gets converted to serotonin thereby lowering depression. Besides food, exercise also plays an important role in […]

The Best Time to Eat for Weight Loss

    Researches states that eating time of 15- 20 minutes is associated with Weight loss. . People consume smaller meals if they eat at a slower pace. In contrast, if foods are eaten quickly they tend to be consumed in larger portions and have lower expected satiation. And this also helps in weight loss. […]

1 Simple tip to enjoy rice in diabetes

  I have a great news ?? for people having diabetes. Guys you can enjoy rice with this small & simple modification. . Instead of eating freshly cooked rice, store in the fridge ( not deep freezer) for 24 hours & have it on the next day by reheating it. If you can have cool […]

Multiple health benefits of tomato

  To stay #fit ?we try hunting for superfoods outside which are most of times exotic & expensive. But do you know that there are so many commonly used foods in the kitchen having #superhealthy? properties . #Tomato? being one of the most commonly used vegetable in the kitchen has #multiplehealthbenefits. . Lycopene a type […]

Biotion rich foods for Hair loss

    Biotin is a type of vitamin, also called as Vitamin B7. It helps in preventing 1) hair loss 2) brittle nails 3) nerve abnormalities Ideal biotin requirement for healthy adult is 30mcg/day. . Biotin rich foods include egg white, paneer, mushroom, karela, parwar, sweet potato, agathi, patra, parsley, scarlet beans, papdi, guvar, walnuts, […]

Health tip 4 for weight loss

    #Healthtip for #weightloss #tip for fat loss According to recent research more frequent consumption of fried foods (i.e., four or more times per week) is associated with a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, obesity and hypertension. Also health hazards of outside fried food is more due to reusing of […]