I have a great news 😎🎉 for people having diabetes. Guys you can enjoy rice with this small & simple modification. . Instead of eating freshly cooked rice, store in the fridge ( not deep freezer) for 24 hours & have it on the next day by reheating it. If you can have cool rice on the next day, then please have it or after 24 hours of cooling you can keep tye rice outside until it returns to room temperature then have it. But if you prefer having rice warm then please follow these instructions⬇️ For reheating the rice, steam it in water until the water starts boiling. Switch off the flame before the water (used for steaming) starts boiling. And immediately have those rice. Do not cook it on high flame otherwise it will lose that sugar lowering effect. . When you eat cooked & cooled rice it forms starch which is resistant to digestion also called as resistant starch. This will prevent the rise in blood sugar, thereby helping people with diabetes control blood sugar & enjoy rice. But when you reheat rice, you have to follow the procedure given because if there is increase in the heating temperature it will convert resistant starch to digestible starch causing rise in blood sugars.

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