#Healthtip for #weightloss #tip for fat loss According to recent research more frequent consumption of fried foods (i.e., four or more times per week) is associated with a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart failure, obesity and hypertension. Also health hazards of outside fried food is more due to reusing of the oil which leads to formation of more oxidised products . . Mechanism of how fried foods causes diseases.

1) High fat intake ➡️ increases fat deposition ➡️affects insulin functioning & production ➡️ causing type 2 diabetes (INSULIN is the hormone regulating glucose in the body) (Diabetes is due to high blood glucose level)

2) Frying of the food ➡️causes formation of oxidised products ➡️ increases trans fatty acids ➡️ causing hypertension (high BP)

3) high fat intake or deep frying ➡️ deposition of fat, oxidised products in arteries ➡️Heart diseases. . Crispy healthy food options that can be replaced fried foods include makhana, khakhra, jowar puffs, bajra puffs etc

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