Diabetes diet

As per Indian Council of Medical Research – India Diabetes (ICMR INDIAB) study published in 2023, the prevalence of diabetes is 10.1 crores. But the good news is, type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. A significant number of studies indicate that diabetes reversal is achievable with calorie deficit diet or carbohydrate restriction (LC). Also from […]

Gut health diet

Introduction Your gut health plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. If your gut health is affected, it will affect skin health, heart health, immunity etc. So a nutritionally balanced gut health diet impacts the microbial diversity in your gut, leading to improved digestion, better immunity, and enhanced mental health. Here are 5 foods […]

Home remedies for uric acid

Introduction Uric acid is a waste product that forms when the body breaks down, purines (found in some foods) acid produced in the body dissolves in the blood and is filtered by kidneys and eventually excreted in urine. But if there is an imbalance between production of uric acid and its elimination, uric acid can […]

How to cure hormonal imbalance in females

Introduction on how to cure hormonal imbalance in females Hormones play an important role in regulating various bodily functions, including metabolism, reproduction, sleep, mood, and immune function. And an imbalance can cause a wide range of symptoms, such as irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, weight gain or loss, fatigue, hair loss, acne, and sleep disturbances. […]

6 Common mistakes you make when “Dieting”

According to a report by the World Population Review, the prevalence of obesity in India has increased significantly in recent years, with approximately 5% of the adult population being classified as obese. This suggests that a significant portion of the population may be dieting or trying to manage their weight in some way.

Defeat and Reverse Diabetes!

According to researches, one in six people with diabetes in the world is from India. India is amongst the top counties with highest number of diabetics,
coming in at number two with an estimated 77 million diabetics. This is an alarming figure!

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Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

This whole outbreak has made us realize how important it is to have strong immunity. People with compromised immunity are more susceptible to various bacterial and viral infections.

Super 7 benefits of Mango Ginger/ambe halad

Ambe halad or mango ginger belongs to the family of curcuma. It’s an Indian spice also used in Ayurveda for number of health issues.
The rhizomes of ambe halad looks very similar to ginger but without the pungency, it has the colour and flavour of mango and hence the name mango ginger.