Natural methods of conception

Natural methods of conception Infertility is when a couple cannot conceive in spite of having regular unprotected sex. Infertility is usually diagnosed when a couple have not managed to conceive after a year of trying. According to Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 27.5 million Indians are infertile. This is a growing problem in couples planning pregnancy. […]

Package Food marketed “Healthy” indians should never eat

The dependency on package food have increased in recent years due to many reasons such as convenience instead of cooking elaborate meals, saves cooking time, longer shelf life, easy on pocket, etc. As the health of consumers started to decline the food industry, bought a new twist and introduced healthy food products. One of the […]

How to increase less flow of periods in Indians?

Are you looking for ways to improve less flow of periods? Are you someone who bleeds for less than 2 days? Then read on, this article is basically about simple tips that can help you improve your blood flow.

The Complete Pocket Guide to Indian Diabetes

“One day or Day 1, you decide”. Yes, it happened on that one day in 2016 when we three decided to quit our monotonous 9-5 job to do what we love the most – FOODUCATING as independent entrepreneurs.

Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

This whole outbreak has made us realize how important it is to have strong immunity. People with compromised immunity are more susceptible to various bacterial and viral infections.

8 Great Benefits of Carom Seeds (Ajwain)

Ajwain or ajma or Bishop’s weed is a spice most commonly used daily. For our parents & grand parents we know it being useful for flatulence or gas problems.

Super 7 benefits of Mango Ginger/ambe halad

Ambe halad or mango ginger belongs to the family of curcuma. It’s an Indian spice also used in Ayurveda for number of health issues.
The rhizomes of ambe halad looks very similar to ginger but without the pungency, it has the colour and flavour of mango and hence the name mango ginger.

How can you make Indian breakfast healthy ?


Wonder why your mom is behind you everyday insisting on having breakfast when you leave for college, school or work? Well she is right. Breakfast is important for each one of us.