We always get different answers to this question. And this is a very commonly asked question by our clients. Watch this video to find out!
Some have a notion that brown rice takes time to cook and hence we should avoid it. Since it takes longer time to cook, it might take time to digest which causes stress on our stomach. This theory is not logical scientifically. Because if this theory were true, we would only eat simple carbohydrates like sugar, maida, etc. since it takes very little time to cook as well as digest. Right? We, as qualified dietitians, always recommend whole grain since it has a lot of health benefits and is known to improve overall health. It helps to lower high blood cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, maintain healthy bowel movement, aids weight loss or helps to maintain weight, etc. But this definitely does not mean that White Rice is bad. *Good News for White Rice Lovers*
Years back we switched to white rice is because it takes very little time cook and hence, saves our time. But when it saves time, it definitely does not help us meet our fiber and B vitamins. (which you can meet up by having other whole grains too – for people who do not like the taste of brown rice).

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