Colostrum, the first food or golden milk for the baby🤱 . It is released during 1st 2-3 days after delivery. In fact it’s yellowish thick fluid secreted from mammary gland. It is secreted in small quantity of about 10-40 ml.  This is different from regular milk. It has 20kcal/oz.

Health benefits of colostrum

1) Nutrients – It is rich in protein, vitamin A, K, Zinc, Arachidonic acid, docosa hexa enoic acid (DHA is required for brain health).

2) Immunisation- It is infant’s 1st immunisation. Because of antibodies it has strong anti-viral activity.  In addition it also prevents the growth of E.coli and other harmful bacteria. Therefore, it protects from small pox, measles, polio etc.

3) Cell maturation – Colostrum has certain enzymes that helps in cell maturation. And this enhances development & maturation of baby’s GI tract.

4) Motions – It moreover helps the baby pass his/her first stool.


In brief, understand health benefits of colostrum and feed you baby with it. If you find this video useful share it with your family and friends.

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