How to start a fitness plan post 40?

How to start fitness plan🧘 post40 ?
The fitness plan consist of covering 2 ✌️criterias 1) Activity🏃🚴⛹🏻‍♀️ 2) Food🥗🍐🍱 Let’s understand how can we cover each criteria efficiently
1) Activity
Strategize accomplishing this with these 3 basic steps
i) Choose any form of activity that can be continued for long. Since we aim for long lasting & healthy weight loss & activity being one of the crucial part for weight loss. It is important to stick & continue 1 form, rather than keep switching & then quiting.
ii) Set 1 target each day. Target helps us push towards our health goal & so it’s important to set one for yourself
iii) It is also very important to keep increasing the target. As fat burns with increase in intensity of Workout. If it’s not possible to achieve target workout at a time, then one can split it.

2) Food
i) List the number of changes related to food that you wish to make. For eg:- Quitting sugar or junk ; Including fruits, veggies, water
ii) Try working on 1 change at a time. So that you can follow that 1 change efficiently throughout the life.
iii) It atleast takes 7-10 days for one to bring significant change in their life.
Inclusion of all this happens over a period of time & so requires patience.

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