Watch this video to find out if Ketogenic Diet is the right approach for Weight Loss. Ketogenic diet is moderate protein, high fat and low carbohydrate diet.

Everyone knows the ill effects of having excess fat but what happens if followed keto diet for a long time?

As spoken in my earlier videos, Indians do not take enough proteins through diet to meet up their daily recommended allowance. And even though in keto diet moderate protein is the recommendation, for us that protein intake is too much compared to our current dietary protein intake. Protein intake has to be gradual to avoid detrimental effects. Drawbacks of too much protein is mentioned in the video.

Such diets have to followed under physician and registered dietician’s strict supervision. So not anybody can start following such diets, this is because of the harmful effects of following such diets for long.

Also, how long can follow such a diet? Once, you reintroduce your carbohydrate you regain your lost weight. Weight loss followed by weight gain, which is also known as yo-yo dieting, affects the fat percentage in your body. Is it worth it to follow such diets when there are better and safer alternatives available?

The solution is to follow a healthier lifestyle than focusing on temporary weight loss. Read this Article to get simple Healthy Life Solutions to help you stay fit.


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