Health benefits of Turmeric/Haldi


Turmeric or haldi is used daily for various food preparations & for various purposes.
Right from cold & cough to wound healing to skin health. .
But do you know that it has several other health benefits besides these
curcumin , a flavonoid found in turmeric exhibits antioxidant effect & anti-inflammatory effect, which in turn helps in various conditions.
🏃The anti-inflammatory effect helps in reducing inflammatory joint pain/arthritis. ❤️ It suppress adipogenesis (fat deposition), reduces triglycerides , cholesterol , bloodpressure problems , visceral obesity , oxidative stress , inflammation
🩸It improves insulin sensitivity thereby lowering blood sugar & controlling diabetes .
👩‍⚕️ According to recent researches it is found to be useful in cancer.
🤧 It has anti-infectious properties thereby helping in viral & bacterial infections, cold, cough. 🏋️It helps in reducing muscles soreness, inflammation, pain post-workout .

For turmeric to exhibit beneficial effect on the body it should be consumed in the dosage of 1/2 teaspoon twice in a day or 1 teaspoon once in a day.

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