Did you follow crash diet?
And because of which you regained double the weight you have lost.
Then you must check this video to know it’s other hazards. Weight loss is generally either carried out to look slim or to prevent or cure many disease conditions.
The method used for weight loss is equally important as it should not lead to weight related complications like reduction in body’s immunity
making one more prone to fever or cold, lower body’s haemoglobin levels thereby making one feel tired soon.
And such kind methods for weight loss are called Crash diets or Yo-Yo dieting, which majorly causes muscle loss and not fat loss.
These crash diets causes loses in the facial region, hands and legs making you look weak and older.
So choosing a healthy harmless weight-loss method helps you in achieving your goals of looking slim or preventing or curing many diseases.
Are you following a nutritious weight loss plan given by a registered or certified dietitian ?
If not, then it is also very important to approach a right person or qualified, registered nutritionist who would have
scientific or medical or holistic approach for an individual. He/She should be capable enough to answer your questions scientifically.
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