How to start fitness plan post40 ?

Whether you are turning 40 or already in your 40’s, you may want to re-evaluate your health because fitness at 40’s is not like it was when you were in your 20’s
As we age, our body both internal and external ages as well. There are some changes that that happens like reduced metabolism and bone density, changes in our hormonal levels, a drop in energy etc. It’s also a time when many people begin to experience the aftermath of their unhealthy lifestyle in the form of diabetes, heart issues etc.
However, it’s never too late to prioritise your health and work towards achieving your health goals.
First step is to simply accept that you are ageing. There are certain things that you could do in your early 20’s which isn’t possible now.
That brings us to our second step – i.e to set realistic goals for yourself. Goals that are achievable and consistent. You may wake up one fine day all geared up to run for a marathon but you might give up half way through. Our body is designed to get things accustomed slowly. That’s how your growth in terms of your physical health should be, slow and consistent.

Growing old doesn’t have to reduce our fitness level, infact our aim should be to keep improving ourselves as we age, be it 40, 50, 60!
Remember Milind Soman? Argh! That man isn’t ageing. He is 55 but looks is his late 30’s! That’s exactly what you should be aiming. They say, “Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star”

So are 2 most important elements to stay healthy and fit at 40

1) Activity –
Strategize accomplishing this with these 3 basic steps
i) Choose any form of activity that can be continued for long. Since we aim for long lasting & healthy weight loss & activity being one of the crucial part for weight loss. It is important to stick & continue 1 form, rather than keep switching & then quiting.
ii) Set 1 target each day. Target helps us push towards our health goal & so it’s important to set one for yourself
iii) It is also very important to keep increasing the target. As fat burns with increase in intensity of Workout. If it’s not possible to achieve target workout at a time, then one can split it.

2) Food
i) List the number of changes related to food that you wish to make. For eg:- Quitting sugar or junk ; Including fruits, veggies, water
ii) Try working on 1 change at a time. So that you can follow that 1 change efficiently throughout the life.
iii) It atleast takes 7-10 days for one to bring significant change in their life.

Inclusion of all this happens over a period of time & so requires patience and practice. Giving up is not a choice here, if you want to be fit. You gotta work it out buddy!

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