India is a democratic country with diverse cultures and therefore gives us variety in food recipes. In spite of too many ingredients used, ghee is 1 most favourite ingredient because it adds on to the taste and texture of the food. Ghee is used in variety of recipes starting from puri,halwa, ladoos, jalebi, dal, baati churma etc.

With the outbreak of obesity & its related health problems like diabetes, cholesterol problem, blood pressure problem, pcos, uric acid problems etc. People have started following different things in an attempt to lose weight. Fat being 1 most nutrient either completely eliminated or questionable in-terms of quality and quantity. And ghee being a fat & especially our traditional food is losing out its importance.

There are too many controversies surrounding ghee – 1) Is it good or bad for health?; 2) How much should I have ? ; 3) How should the ghee be used ? :- Can I heat it or not ? Can I use it for shallow frying or deep frying?

Check this blog in addition to the blog on maximising the health benefits of ghee to get answer for these questions

Health benefits of ghee

These days traditional foods are making a comeback. Ghee is one such food. Although people used to think ghee is bad for health but there are increasing evidences  proving it beneficial for health if taken in moderation under the supervision of your dietitian. People on weight loss program can eat ghee as per the suggestion of Qualified Dietitian. Ghee has saturated fat so if taken in high amounts can affect heart health but if taken in right quantity it also has conjugated linoleic acid which has fat burning effect. You know which is the best ghee? The one made at HOME!! ? .

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