Dekho barish ho rahi hai. Its thundering, and that cool breeze, makes me feel so lazy. Finally, the scorching heat and hot winds is overtaken by monsoons. But along with cool breeze monsoons also makes us susceptible to many communicable diseases, malaria, jaundice, dysentery etc are so common during monsoon. Our immune system is affected too during monsoons.
And the best way to stay away from these problems is to maintain good hygiene and eat healthy food.
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Few tips to be followed during monsoons will help you stay away from such problems.
-Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them raw, especially vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, as they do contain worms which if ingested can put you in trouble.
washing of veggies
– Drink boiled or filtered water, as the chances of communicable diseases are more if a person drinks unfiltered or boiled water.
-Cleaning your hands and feets regularly to avoid infection related to the contanimated and dirty water.
-Avoid roadside foods like bhajia’s, samosa’s, pani puri’s, sugarcane juice as the bacterial overload is extremely high at such places, moreover we don’t even know what kind of water or hygeinic conditions they follow.
pani - puri
-Having your favourite gola, can cause u alot into trouble. Avoid lemon juice, and other beverages from street vendor.

Nagpur: Girls enjoy chuski to beat the heat on a hot summer day in Nagpur on Friday. PTI Photo(PTI4_29_2016_000049A)

– Do not mix your cooked food and raw food in refrigerator.
– However, we love the combination of cutting chai and bread pakora in monsoons, but moderation is the key, do not over eat, if you don’t want to add on extra weight.
drinking tea
– Hot soups is definetely a better option here than those canned foods. Hot soups pair well with the cool climate during monsoons.
hot soups
– Do not forget to exercise. Rains can be messy at times. Even if you can’t make it in gym, trying doing few exercises at home.
Exercises-at home
-Fever is very common in this season. Do not neglect if its more than two days, consult your doctor immediately.
– Food poisoning especially by certain toxic bacteria is seen. To avoid this, its best to avoid eating out and avoid eating raw foods.
Drenching in rain can be fun at times, but don’t forget to take care of your health during the season. Stay healthy and Eat healthy.
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