Junk food causes  various diseases

Diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, cancer is spreading rapidly among Indians. This is due to unhealthy eating habits, no fixed meal timings, inadequate sleep, high stress levels & physical inactivity.

Out of the several reasons, having unhealthy or junk eating habit is a major one. Street food, restaurant food, bakery products, farsan and wafers are all junk. Junk food is a high calorie food (high in fat, sugar, sodium) which lacks vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fibre.

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Many a times oil or ghee are repeatedly reused for frying purposes. This causes formation of oxidative compounds, which leads to diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, cancer etc.

In India, in every lane or galli or nukkad you will find a food hawker or namkeen shop or bakery shop. We are foodie Indians because we love junk. As its very tasty, easily available, nice packaged & easy to carry.

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Just like alcohol or tobacco, junk is addictive in nature because it releases a chemical dopamine. This dopamine causes rise in the feeling of pleasure. And so, we tend to keep on having junk even if we are full.

Food laws have to be strict enough to have nutrition labels on all food products. Reading nutrition labels and ingredient list is important. This creates self-awareness among customers from all the faulty marketing gimmicks used by different brands.

Ways to Reduce or quit junk: –

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You vs Junk


Women choosing healthy food

drinking water


Kill Junk addiction & be a healthy survivor  

So do you dare take up a challenge to quit junk atleast for a week ?

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