We clean our homes pre-Diwali and our bodies typically need the cleaning post-Diwali, thanks to the calorie laden festival food that’s mostly sweet, fried or both. It is common to feel guilty for having overeaten. It is now the time to get over Diwali and rejuvenate your system. Cleansing your body with a detox diet helps give your body the time to recover from poor dietary choices and lack of exercise during this season.

It is best to keep it simple and follow some basic rules. Here are 6 simple tips to give your body a break and up your health quotient.

  1. Hydration is the Key!

Water helps to flush out toxins from the body. Having enough water during the day becomes utmost important. Set reminder on your phones to help you meet up your daily water requirement.Water Intake Health Hatch

  1. Detox in a Cup!

The next best drink that will help you detox is Green Tea since it is rich in antioxidants. A study shows that chemicals in green tea can increase the production of detoxification enzymes in humans. This does not mean you have endless amount of green tea in a day. Recommendation is not to consume more than 2-3 cups of green tea. To know more about green tea watch this one minute video.

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  1. Antioxidant Booster Snack

Include at least 2 serving of fruits in a day. Fruits are a very good source of antioxidants. Choose fruits which are high in moisture content since the extra water will help you flush out toxins and also help you keep your body alkaline. Some examples of high moisture content fruits are watermelon, orange, sweetlime,  kiwi, pineapple, muskmelon, etc. Also, going on only-fruits or -juices diet is not recommended as it leads to loss of muscle.

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  1. Farmer’s Paradise

There is no better way to detoxify your body than by including more colorful veggies in your diet.  Incorporating veggies in your diet can be boring and hence, some of our suggestions are vegetable juices, vegetable soups, salads, Popsicle, etc. The high fiber content helps to make you feel full and hence, cut down appetite. So always remember to start your meals with any of the above mentioned vegetable options.

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  1. Go Light

Going slow on main meals does not mean to skip meals. Your meals have to be balanced in terms of nutrients but control your portion size. Do not forget to place proteins on your plate. You can go light on meals by including khichdi, stuffed capsicum, uttapams/chilla, etc.

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  1. Get moving

A healthy diet combined with exercise can help you shed those extra calories you’ve gained in less time. Try to work out for 30-45 minutes every day – you can include moderate-intense activities, such as dancing, yoga, swimming, aerobics, cycling, skipping, etc. You can even opt for walking, which is by far the easiest and best activity to stay fit and healthy. Try to clock-in 10,000 steps every day.

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These are a few tips to allow your body to heal post celebrations. Create a balance in your life and eat all food groups equally. Instead of going on a crash diet it is recommended that you promise to keep up to your diet daily by creating a life-style change.

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