Learn 5 simple alternatives and manage craving for festive sweets. It will not only control your weight, BP & diabetes but also help you stay healthy. 5 aasan tarike Diwali mithai Ko Alvida kehne ke
– Pani..Pani re..peoo bahut Pani re, taaki bareilly ki barfi ko khane ki ichcha gayab ho jaye. Drink plenty of water so that it reduces the desire to have sweets.
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– Once upon a time in Diwali, bachna inn mithaioo se…lo nuts , fruits aur roasted snacks aagaye. Have healthy foods like nuts, roasted snacks, fruits in between major meals so that it suppresses the hunger for sweets.
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– Kar har sweet craving Fateh ho bandiya…har mithai pe fateh, jab khelein hum jee jaan say. Involve yourself in any form of activity whenever you get craving for sweets.
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– Cheenikum karne ke liye isse replace kare daawat-e-dates se, dilwale dark chocolate se aur zanjeero vale anjeer (fig) se. If you get craving for sweets then subside it with dates, dark chocolate (without sugar) & anjeer.
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– Dabaang vale dimaag se karo Hera pheri, karo mithai Ko aankhon se gayab, aur dimaag ke haath na aae barfi. There is a famous saying that something like sweets when out of sight is also out of mind. So if there is sweets around you distribute it among kids & servents.
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Andaz Apne Apne se iss shaitani sweets craving Ko Khamosh kijiye, aur manaye diwali with Dhol & grand masti
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