In India, since years we have been having a habit of eating some accompaniments along with the meals. This would include different kind of chutneys, pickle or aachar, papad etc Food accompaniment is basically used to enhance the taste of different meals. And as the word says that it is an accompaniment & so should be used in a minimal quantity.

But nowadays, due to excess outside delicious food intake our tongue has become fuzzy with the taste. And we have stopped liking home-made food. So, to enhance the taste of this home-made food we tend to increase the quantity of accompaniments. For eg :- To enhance the taste of roti & sabji we tend to have 1-2 tablespoon of aachar/ pickle.

Ingredients in accompaniments causing problems

These different kinds of pickle/aachar, papad are not only high in empty calories (sugar/ jaggery) but also have increased quantity of sodium, fat. Sugar, salt or sodium- preservative, oil is added in high quantity to preserve the pickle or papad for long. Now-a days we tend to add sugar or jaggery to our chutney as well making it unhealthy.

High sugar, salt or sodium, oil causes obesity, diabetes, cholesterol problems, blood pressure problems, pcos, uric acid & other lifestyle problems. Since there has been increase in the rate of these health problems in India. It becomes extremely important to cut down these unhealthy foods along with the inclusion of healthy nutritionally well -balanced diet & exercise.

Conclusion & Healthy alternatives

If you wish to have pickle/papad, you can enjoy once in a while. But if possible switch these high calorie accompaniments with healthier ones like green chutney (with no sugar), mulaga pudi powder, tomato chutney(without sugar), garlic chutney etc

Let’s accompany our happiness in our life. By accompanying healthy diet with exercise & nutritious diet with healthy accompaniments.



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