Test, update facts as well as enjoy reading about diabetes. In other words, learn with fun about habits improving healthy lifestyle and sugars.

Rapid fire with Health Hatch for controlling sugars

  1. Which Healthy Habit is the king ?

2.  Rank in order to your preference the food that you would have

a) Orange juice  b) Broken wheat (Daliya)  c) Multigrain bread  d) Moong

3. If you woke up one morning & had high sugars, then what would you do ?

a) get medicines changed by doctor  b) change dietary tips as per dietitian’s advise  c) Start with exercising

d) all of the above

4. Habits that you want to kill, marry & hook up

5. The best thing about having diabetes.

a) there is no good thing about having diabetes  b) makes your life more disciplined  c) You start following healthy                 lifestyle d) option b and c

6. The worst habit that one should avoid because of diabetes

a) Chips  b) Whole grain biscuits  c) Wheat rusk  d) All of the above

7.   In the long run, super-foods that people should include in their routine

8. The worst myth about diabetes

In the final analysis test your  % knowledge about diabetes

2 Questions correct – 25%

4 questions correct – 50%

6 questions correct – 75%

8 questions correct – 100%


  1. Exercise not only improves insulin action in the body but also helps to monitor blood sugar levels.
  2.  d) Moong (Pulses improves insulin action & prevents rise in sugar because of its protein & complex carbohydrate content ); b) Broken wheat (Daliya) (Whole grains like jowar, daliya, barley manage blood sugars since it is a good source of fibre)  c) Multigrain bread & a) Orange juice (Most Breads in India contain maida because there are rarely genuine breads. Orange juice & Maida (Refined flour) increases body fat as well as blood sugars drastically.
  3. d) all of the above
  4. Kill habit of having  i) processed foods ( pasta, noodles made from maida); ii)bakery foods (biscuits, rusk) iii) fried foods (chips, farsan); iv) sweets (ladoo, rabdi). These foods are in fat and some high in sugars because of which it worsens diabtetes.                                                                                                                                Marry/Hook up with habits like i) Have plenty of veggies, for the purpose of blood sugar control because of its fibre content ii) Drinking plenty of water not only detoxifies you, but also prevents you from having junk and manages sugar. iii) Eat 1 fruit with the intention of diabetes control because of its antioxidants & fibre content iv) Eat fat in moderation for the purpose of absorption of fat soluble vitamins & preventing rise in blood sugar levels  v) Protein rich foods not only improves insulin action but also prevents spike in blood sugar  levels vi) Have whole grains
  5. d) option b and c
  6.  d) All of the above
  7.  With the intention of managing high sugars have super foods like Methi seeds, cinnamon powder, etc.
  8. Myth :- Diabetes is caused because of having sugar.                                                                                                          Fact:- If you have moderate amount of sugar in addition to regular activity then you will not get diabetes. Moreover it is high amounts of sugar in addition to unhealthy lifestyle that causes diabetes.

In Conclusion,

Life is not over because you have diabetes, make the most of what you have.

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