Dus aasan tarike exercise karne ke  – Quick exercise tips

Learn 10 easy ways to perform exercise in the kitchen, workplace, home, traveling:-

– First of all an easy way to perform exercise in the kitchen & make kitchen your workout place, by performing spot jogging or March pass or squats, while pressure cooking dal-rice or boiling milk.
    squats in the kitchen
– If long working hours leaves you no time for workout, then try this simple method of monitoring your today’s step count by day end and try increasing it tomorrow by 200.
    step count
– Ruk Ruk ruk, arre baba ruk, baarish ho Rahi hai workout Ko rok. No rok no tok anymore, in fact use workout videos available on YouTube like Leslie walk & perform activity at home.
      Workout on tv
– Oochi hai office, lift ooski bandh hai, kaise mein jao, staircase ek option hai. Rather than lift try using staircase as a result of which you will burn more calories.
– As a result of babies, moms seldom get time for workout or themselves Baby wearing coupled with walking will help mom’s shed extra kilos and build healthy relation between mom and the child.
baby wearing
– Due to hectic schedule there is no time for gym, make your home or workplace gym by using bottles and books as dumbbells & perform weight training exercises with the help of YouTube videos.
bottles for weight
– Pull both the sides of the napkin with an equal force especially to the extent you can and perform this activity for the time frame you can and at an interval of 1 hour.
napkin exercises
– Baatein ye kabhi na bhoolna, ki baato ke saath chalna hai healthy rahene ki vajah. Walk & talk & use your unlimited mobile phone plans to burn calories.
walking & talking
– Because of fast pace & tight schedule there is minimal time left for family. Stay healthy and improve your family time by playing any sport with your family. A healthy family is a happy family.
family playing together
– Na Sharma tu nachle, nach aave ya na aave, enjoy kariye, healthy rahiye.  In addition to burning calories or losing inches, dancing will help in relieving stress.
family dancing
Life is a Healthy race, if you don’t run for health, then you will be like a broken anda
– By professor Virus
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