The utensils used for cooking equally playing an important role in regulating our health along with food & exercise

The most common type of utensils used by us are
1) Aluminum
2) Stainless steel
3) Copper
4) Iron
5) Non-stick pan

Researches states that cooking in aluminum utensils causes leaching of metal Aluminum into the food, which can be neurotoxic to the body. So it is recommended to completely avoid aluminum utensils.
Copper & iron utensils tends to leach metals copper & iron which can help treat copper deficiency & iron deficiency anemia. Using of tomato, vinegar, lemon juice increases leaching of copper & iron. Over using these utensils can lead to its toxicity.
Scientific evidence also states the leaching of metals nickel & chromium from stainless steel depends on factors like cooking time, temperature etc Overusing of this also causes it’s toxicity.
Rotation is the key.
For eg :-
1) You can use thick iron kadhai for vaghar or sabji preparation etc
2) Use stainless steel or copper utensils for steaming of rice, tea preparation etc
3) You can use non-stick cookware for chillas, vadas or any recipe that require high amount of oil

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