Be Healthy This Monsoon! . Monsoons are fun! Aren’t they? Who all loves to get drenched in rain? WE! WE! WE! . Apart from getting drenched in rain, here are few tips that you can follow to make this monsoon healthy .

☕ ENJOY YOUR GARAM CHAI!!! Please don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t have chai because it has sugar during monsoon! Remember 1-2 cups of tea won’t do any harm. .

? ENJOY THE BHUTTA!! Go out and enjoy rains and enjoy eating your favourite bhutta! It has fibre and it is healthy. .

? ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE SOUP! But be careful not to indulge too much in unhealthy soups. Opt for a good tomato/corn/chicken soup especially for dinner if you want to lose weight. .

? Go slow on pakoras. Instead, use the same batter to make a crispy cheela/dosa and enjoy it with your tea. Fat bhi kam aur health bhi zyada!! .

Don’t forget to de-stress yourself in monsoon after all it won’t last long!

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