A Pinch of Change in Your Kitchen will Minimize Nutrient losses

Modify Cooking Styles & Reduce Nutrient Losses

We all know that Indian style of cooking food involves Heating for a long time & many other methods, which causes High Nutrient losses. This Nutrient or Vitamin & Mineral losses causes its deficiency, thereby leading to various Health Problems.


Here are few Cooking & Non-Cooking tips to prevent these losses: –                                                                

  • Peeling & Trimming – Excessive peeling and trimming of fruits & veggies leads to Nutrient loss especially vitamins as they lie close to the skin. So, try and have fruits and veggies with the skin or remove their thin peels.

fine chopping             Big pieces of zuchhini


  • Cooking of the food in copper & iron utensils leads to loss of vitamin C, folate. Use stainless or non-stick utensils to prevent these vitamin losses.

Cooking in copper utensils             cooking on a non-stick pan


  • Chopping or slicing of the veggies leads to vitamin C losses. The more, the chopping greater are the losses. Try and have whole fruits & big pieces of veggies.

fine slicing of lemon


  • Boiling leads to losses of vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. But reusing of the same water that was used for boiling reduces the losses. So, cook vegetables using the water that was used for boiling it.

Boiling of veggies


  • Blanching of the food leads to vitamin B complex and vitamin C losses. Use blanched water for cooking.

Blanching of palak


  • Frying of the food also involves Nutrient losses. Because generally the food is fried at high temperatures.



  • Alternative cooking methods like grilling, roasting, steaming, stir frying, micro-waving generally preserves a greater amount of nutrient.

grilling of veggies      Microwaving                                                   steamed-veggies


  • Cooking for a longer time increases vitamin losses. Cook food in short time possible to prevent Nutrient losses.

cooking for a long time


  • Cooking on a high flame also leads to nutrient losses. So, if possible cook food on a low to medium flame to prevent these losses.

high tmperature cooking


  • Using of baking soda or baking powder in food preparation leads to Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12 losses. Plus, it also increases the sodium content of the food. Ideally a person is recommended a teaspoon of salt in the whole day. According to the Researches, the sodium content in Indians is three times the recommendations.

Adding soad to food


  • Using of sundried fruits & veggies like amla leads to vitamin C losses. Nowadays sun-drying is used to preserve or increase the storage life of fruits & veggies, which are used for packaged food products. Because of increase in health- related awareness among consumers, use of oil, sugar, salt or sodium based preservatives in food have reduced. But very few of us rarely know that sun-drying of these foods is equally bad. So, avoid foods that are dried or dehydrated.

Sun-drying of veggies


  • Storing food for a longer period leads to Vitamin C and folate losses. Every food has a shelf -life. Try and buy foods in small quantity that can be completed in a day or two.

Storing of fuits and veggies for a long time


  • Wash whole veggies & fruits once you get them from the market. Avoid washing of the chopped veggies as it could lead to vitamin & mineral losses.

Washing of Chopped Salad

  • Prepare & Eat Healthy to NOURISH your body.


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