Modify Cooking Styles & Reduce Nutrient Losses

We all know that Indian style of cooking food involves Heating for a long time & many other methods, which causes High Nutrient losses. This Nutrient or Vitamin & Mineral losses causes its deficiency, thereby leading to various Health Problems.


Here are few Cooking & Non-Cooking tips to prevent these losses: –                                                                

fine chopping             Big pieces of zuchhini


Cooking in copper utensils             cooking on a non-stick pan


fine slicing of lemon


Boiling of veggies


Blanching of palak




grilling of veggies      Microwaving                                                   steamed-veggies


cooking for a long time


high tmperature cooking


Adding soad to food


Sun-drying of veggies


Storing of fuits and veggies for a long time


Washing of Chopped Salad


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