Is chai ☕is good or bad? . To most of us life is incomplete without a cup of chai. It is our best partner for life. And a part of most of our meets . Today due to rising obesity & its complications most of try following tips to help lose weight. Since tea is one of the most important beverage in our diet. Many of us completely eliminate it in attempt to lose weight, without realizing the actual culprit. . Tea is actually a very good source of flavonoids which has #anticancer , #antioxidant , #antidiabetic , #heartfriendly properties. . The real culprit here is the sugar, honey, jaggery. These empty calorie food are the main reason for weight gain. . Ideally one can have tea even when on a weight loss program. The recommendations of the cups of tea allowed in a day depends on weight of an individual & current health status. But on an average a person can have 2 cups of tea in a day, without or with very less sugar or honey or jaggery.

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