? ???? ????? ????? ????? ?????? ? . How many times have you noticed that eating your meal and being on the phone at the same time actually made you eat more and later you felt guilty about it? . When we are so much engrossed in the phone that we forget that instead of eating 2 chapati we ate 3 and realise only when we are full to the brim! . This not only increases the calorie intake but it also prevents us from mindful eating and appreciate the food . While eating and being on the phone our attention is divided to something which is more exciting- that’s our phone! So even if the meal is really good, we will hardly notice and appreciate it! That’s one reason why wives get irritated when their husbands don’t appreciate their food while they are watching something on phone ? . It also distracts us from other things. Phone use during a meal led to a modest but noticeable decrease in diners’ enjoyment, according to a research . “Phone use may be contagious. People are more likely to use their phones when others around them are also using their phones, so that suggests there may be this sort of domino effect,” explains researcher Elizabeth Dunn. “By putting your own phone away, you might be creating a positive domino effect.” . Try to analyse your dinner experience when you are with your phone and when you keep your phone away! . Enjoy your meal. Enjoy the company of your family and friends especially when you are eating as that’s a good time to bond with people.

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