??? ????- ?? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? . ? Eggs have been a part of our breakfast since a long time. ? Eggs is a complete protein and and also one of the cheapest source of good quality protein. ?However we must not forget egg yolks do have cholesterol. 1 large yolk has approximately 184mg of cholesterol. . However we must not forget that egg yolk is NOT THE ONLY SOURCE OF CHOLESTEROL! There are other sources of cholesterol too. . A recent study found that eating 300 mg of cholesterol per day was tied to a 17 percent increase in the risk of developing heart disease compared with consuming no cholesterol. . Now the question is, ??? ? ??? ??? ????? The answer is simple- YES! But 3 or less than 3 medium sized eggs per week is safe to have (if you do not have any underlying medical conditions). ? Besides that you can have egg whites throughout the week as it doesn’t have cholesterol! . So, EAT IN MODERATION! And stay healthy!

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