Hectic schedule are always going to be a part of our life. And we need to accept it as a challenge. To help you deal with the challenges here are few practical health tips

1) Wherever you sit for working or studying try keeping a litre of bottle of water besides you. So that it reminds you drinking water, which in turn helps you stay hydrated, keeps you full & prevents you from having junk.

2) Durong tight schedule activity is the biggest challenge. This can be overcome by 2 ways
i) When we are on call instead of sitting start walking & talking. ii) Wherever possible instead of using lift or escalator try using staircase.
These 2 help in burning more calories than being completely sedentary.

3) Out of sight, out of mind. Try stocking healthy foods like fruits, dry-fruits, makhanas, roasted chana etc. So that during stressful situation of hectic schedule our chances of reaching out to healthy ? foods is higher. And thereby preventing junk intake.

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