Colostrum, the first food or golden milk for the baby? . Colostrum is the 1st yellowish thick fluid released after delivery in a small quantity of about 10-40 ml. It has 20kcal/oz. It is golden milk because of the following health benefits:- 1) It is rich in protein, vitamin A, K, Zinc, Arachidonic acid, docosa hexa enoic acid (DHA is required for brain health). 2) It is the 1st immunisation which helps in protecting the infant from virus, E.coli, other bacteria, small pox, polio, measles etc. 3) It help in developing baby’s GI tract & promotes cell promotion. In #India due to lack of awareness of the benefits of colostrum its generally being discarded. To stop this practice it is important to understand its health benefits. If you find this video useful share it woth your family and friends & build #healthyfuture or #healthyindia

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