#Hibiscustea 2-3 cups will help in reducing blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar. The antioxidants found in this tea are Polyphonic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins. This helps in inflammatory disease to reduce inflammation. Note:- You need to maintain healthy lifestyle along with having Hibiscus tea to get its benefits. Steps for preparation of hibiscus tea 1) First, collect the hibiscus fruits and wash them clean, and air dry or dry them in an oven at 70 degree C for 3days. 2) Peel off the calyx and store them in air-tight containers. 3) To make tea, simply take 2grams of the dried calyx, and crash them into small pieces using a wooden roller. (You can get the dried form online, which you can directly use it for tea preparation) 4) Put them in a tea bag or a net, bring out your favourite mug, add 8 oz of boiling water, steep it for 2-4minutes, add sugar if desired, or add other flavours of your choice such as few drops of lemon juice. You can also refrigerate it and make hibiscus iced tea.

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