Why do I get Sweet cravings? How do I control it? Do I have any alternative? If you get sweet cravings, then you must watch this video.

There are 3 major reasons why a person craves for something sweet:-

1. When our meal is not nutritionally balanced, in terms of all the major nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals, our desire to have something sweet increases. So it becomes important to balance our meals with different food groups. Do you feel like having sweet after lunch or dinner? This is because your lunch or dinner lacks 1 or more of nutrient mentioned above.

2. Increase in fat % in your body causes insulin resistance ( insulin resistance is when insulin hormone is not working properly) because of which glucose cannot be used by the cells of your body, leading to cravings for sweets

3. Stress makes you have something sweet. This is because sugar in sweets releases serotonin which has calming effect. Find your reason for sweet craving & use the below 3 solutions according to the reasons 1. Nutritionally balanced your meal with the help of qualified Nutritionist 2. Physical activity or exercises helps in reducing insulin resistance & releases happy hormones thereby reducing stress. This inturn reduces cravings 3. Sweet Alternatives – Dates, Anjeer, dried grapes, fruits, elaichi powder, cinnamon powder.

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