Weight loss myth breakers

13 Health Myth breakers Myth: – Can you lose weight eating carbs? Answer: –  Yes, you can. In fact, carbohydrate as complex carbs & high fibre & in right quantity helps brain & all organ system functioning. Examples of complex carbohydrate includes fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grain.   Myth: – Can skipping meals help in […]

Quick ways to reduce work related stress

March end week, Financial year end is marked by stress, pressure, tension to achieve targets or complete submissions. This March end relieve your pressure just by following few simple tips shown in the video. These quick tips can be performed in between your work to reduce work related stress. Please don’t forget to like, share […]

9 Simple ways to manage stress

Stress is the cause of most of the diseases today! Watch this video to find out simple ways to manage stress! 😇 and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get more such updates 😊