What is ideally a healthy breakfast?


What is ideally a healthy breakfast? 🤔
Simple, Healthy, Tikaoo
Let me explain in detail
. *Simple* bole toh anything like poha, upma, paratha, thepla, oats etc. You don’t have to buy expensive or exotic things to make it Healthy. Just by adding colourful veggies to your preparation can make your breakfast healthy. *Healthy* bole toh carbs + protein combo. Carb sources include poha, upma, paratha etc. Protein sources include any pulses/ milk & it’s products etc. *Tikaoo* Any breakfast that you have should be long lasting . There is no point following particular thing for 2-3 months & then getting back to normal.
A healthy breakfast should be nutritionally balanced in terms of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamin, Minerals


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