Health benefits of Ajwain / Ajma

Ajwain or ajma or Bishop’s weed is a spice most commonly used daily. For our parents & grand parents we know it being useful for flatulence or gas problems.
But most of us are not aware about its multiple health benefits. Here is a list of few of these
💪 It helps in bacterial & fungal infections & also posses anti-viral activity
💪It prevents platelet coagulation or clotting thereby helping keeping your heart, brain & leg region healthy
💪It helps in reducing total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, total lipids
💪 According to studies it also helps in reducing ulcers
💪It also helps in reducing diarrhoeal episodes
💪Improves milk production in breastfeeding mothers
💪It helps in the secretion of gastric acid, bile acid & digestive enzymes, thereby helping in the digestion of food.
💪It also helps in reducing inflammation/pain



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